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Pornography, Sexual Perpetration And The Rape Myth

Pornography, Sexual Perpetration And The Rape Myth

Watching porn can provide a lot of benefits to both couples and single people. For those who are single, it might be hard to get someone to join you in a steamy session regardless how horny you are. Luckily, you can instantly satisfy your sexual needs by watching pornography. Porn is also good as it can add some wow factor into a relationship where couples can brainstorm new ideas to bring into their sex life.

Porn dictates expectations that men have of women as their sexual partners. There is a lot of difference in physical appearance of porn stars twenty years ago and those of today. Many women have followed these trends to fit the image that men desire and expect. It is no surprise that men now think the violence they see in porn is what women want.

Although the porn industry claims not to have a specific audience, most of their viewers are males. People are not being forced to change their daily practices to avoid getting raped. Girls are taught at any early age to be aware of their surrounding, always carry a whistle and not to put themselves in a risky situation. Porn is an instrument that has reinforced male domination in the society. It has created a delusion that women want to be treated as those who choose to be in porn. Men then transform the attitude and behaviors they see in porn to their own lives which puts women at risk of sexual violence.

To address this issue and reduce the risk to women, the society and people need to take an active role. Tight controls and regulations on what should be recorded and sold in the porn industry need to be proposed. This is the only way the people will be sure that what they are seeing is not harmful to them. Another deterred is taxing porn magazines, movies and channels. The additional cost will deter people from buying porn materials.

Ultimately, people need to be very proactive in changing their habits and attitudes in regard to porn. Men have to reduce their use of porn out of sheer respect. If we are to create a society where women are not sexually subjugated, then pornography needs to be done away with from the mainstream culture or be highly regulated. Each person needs to make up their mind to deter or limit the use of porn.

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