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Posted by on Jul 22, 2015 in Sex Disscussion, Uncategorized, Understanding Sex |

Do not ignore your sexual health

The thing with sex is that there are many interesting things that we can explore, but that being said, we need to look after our sexual health and personal sexual believes at the same time. It may seem like an uphill struggle in this day and age, but you should not allow yourself to enter into compromising attitudes say my cheap London escorts friends. There are several things out there which we may not agree with, and if we don’t agree with them, we shouldn’t do them. Fortunately most cheap London escorts that I know say that standing up for your believes, does not mean that you are a prude.

Sexual responsibility is down to the individual. Your new boyfriend might be trying to make you have sex without a condom but why should you? It seems that this is a problem that affects may age groups. Even middle aged people should be encouraged to think twice,say cheap London escorts. Okay, they may not be able to get pregnant any more, but they are still at threat from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and chlamydia. It is important to recognise that according to sources at London escorts services. You can still have a problem when you are older.

A holiday romance can easily turn into a sexual encounter. You may drink to much and end up being asked to do something you do not want to do, say some London escorts. When we are on holiday and enjoy ourselves a bit too much, things can go really wrong. You may end up having some type of sexual intercourse that you never have had before such as multiple partners. This can be a huge health threat as all London escorts know, the problem is that the general public may not appreciate that at all.

What about blow jobs? Lover boy on the beach might be persuading you to give him a job blow job without a condom but you are worried about Herpes. What do you do? You may have to be strong but it is always best to say no according to cheap escorts in London sources. Infections such as cuts in the mouth, or mouth ulcers, can also cause problems. London escorts say to use condoms at all times as it is not worth risking your health for a beach boy at the end of the day. I hope that many youngsters remember that in places like Magaluf this summer.

Saying no is perfectly okay and it is one of the best things that we can teach our young people. It is a powerful word and it is important to remember that no means no. If someone tries to force you, or get rough with you, raise the alarm. It may not be such a good idea to scream rape but try screaming fire. More people are likely to come and see what is going on, and it could have a much more positive result. After all, who wants to bump into sex pests when we try to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun.

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Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Pornography, Sexual Perpetration And The Rape Myth

Pornography, Sexual Perpetration And The Rape Myth

Watching porn can provide a lot of benefits to both couples and single people. For those who are single, it might be hard to get someone to join you in a steamy session regardless how horny you are. Luckily, you can instantly satisfy your sexual needs by watching pornography. Porn is also good as it can add some wow factor into a relationship where couples can brainstorm new ideas to bring into their sex life.

Porn dictates expectations that men have of women as their sexual partners. There is a lot of difference in physical appearance of porn stars twenty years ago and those of today. Many women have followed these trends to fit the image that men desire and expect. It is no surprise that men now think the violence they see in porn is what women want.

Although the porn industry claims not to have a specific audience, most of their viewers are males. People are not being forced to change their daily practices to avoid getting raped. Girls are taught at any early age to be aware of their surrounding, always carry a whistle and not to put themselves in a risky situation. Porn is an instrument that has reinforced male domination in the society. It has created a delusion that women want to be treated as those who choose to be in porn. Men then transform the attitude and behaviors they see in porn to their own lives which puts women at risk of sexual violence.

To address this issue and reduce the risk to women, the society and people need to take an active role. Tight controls and regulations on what should be recorded and sold in the porn industry need to be proposed. This is the only way the people will be sure that what they are seeing is not harmful to them. Another deterred is taxing porn magazines, movies and channels. The additional cost will deter people from buying porn materials.

Ultimately, people need to be very proactive in changing their habits and attitudes in regard to porn. Men have to reduce their use of porn out of sheer respect. If we are to create a society where women are not sexually subjugated, then pornography needs to be done away with from the mainstream culture or be highly regulated. Each person needs to make up their mind to deter or limit the use of porn.

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